Instructions for completing DTIC Registration Application for: Contractor, Potential Contractor, & Non-DoD Government Personnel
Asterisk (*) denotes required fileds.
General Information
Last Name: *
Middle Initial:
First Name: * (enter full name; no abbreviated names)
Job Title: (i.e. Lead Scientist)
Email Address: * (pre-populated for you)
Organization: * (Name of the company who pays your salary – do not abbreviate or use acronyms)
Password: * (Create a password to access your account)
Your password must:
  • at least 15 characters
  • contain at least two numeric characters
  • contain at least two upper case alphabetical characters
  • contain at least two lower case alphabetical characters
  • contain at least two special characters (e.g., !@#$^&*{}[](_+.:;/\) Do not use > < or '
  • contain at least one additional character (your choice), either upper or lower case, numeric or a special character
Password Reset Question: * (Select security question from drop down menu)
Password Reset Answer: * (Provide personalized answer to security question chosen)
Telephone Numbers: * Enter your business telephone and fax number (e.g. 703-897-2879)
Address: * Must use a work address (home addresses are not accepted) (If you are requesting Classified access, your organization's classified mailing address is required here)
~ Contractors Only ~
(NOTE: Much of the information relating to your contract can be obtained from the DD Form 254 for contracts subject to the DoD Industrial Security regulations.)
Prime Contract Information: * A prime contract number and expiration date is required for all contractors.
Alternate Contract Numbers:
Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement (MCTDA) certificate number: Required for all contractors requesting access to export controlled information
Cage Code: Required when requesting classified access (Leave blank for unclassified requests)
~ End Contractors Only ~
Types of Access required: (select all that apply)
  • Public release only
  • Unclassified/Limited: Sensitive unclassified information, therefore distribution is limited. (Dissemination of this information is controlled)
  • Classified access (optional): Select the level(s) of access required; Confidential, Secret, Restricted Data (RD), CNWDI, NATO Unclassified, NATO Confidential or NATO Secret (If you request NATO access, your security officer will need to certify that you have been NATO briefed within the last 12 months )
SIPR Email Address: A SIPR email address is required for online access to classified information
U.S. Government Approving Official: provide contact information for your approving official
Required field for:
  • All Contractors: your Government Approving Official must hold one of the following titles, for your contract:
    • Program Manager,
    • Contracting Officer,
    • Contracting Officer's Technical Representative,
    • Contracting Officer's Representative
  • Government Personnel: When requesting classified access; provide supervisor or next higher in your chain of command
Security Officer: Only if requesting Classified information; provide contact information for facility security officer